About Us

Einstein Graphic Services is a customer first organization that provides clients with integrated product sales and certified full service support in a single source.  We are proud to be a family owned Midwest business with a Midwestern work ethic. Our diverse backgrounds include aviation, manufacturing, law enforcement and legal services. Most recently, we have claimed number one in regional printer sales because we strive to continue expanding our knowledge and progressive thinking to ultimately make our clients’ businesses flourish.

Our Vision

People Working Together as One Alliance for Graphic Industry Leadership

People… A company, any company, is nothing more or less than the people who make it up.

Working… This is about effort.  Work.  We all have a task to do. We are here to provide value to our customers, our vendors, ourselves and the community we work in.

Together… Every organization has forces that try to divide and reduce the impact of the total.  The stronger we will be.

One… We have a shared destiny.  We will succeed or fail together.  We will row the boat together as one.

Alliance… A merging of efforts or interests by persons, families or organizations.

Graphic Industry… We are a graphic industry distribution company.  We are not going to sell product to end users.  We are not going to sell snow blowers.  We are going to provide products that support sign and graphic professionals and beyond.  We are going to provide unrivaled service of these products.

Leadership… We are here to lead, to be the best, nothing less.

Our Mission

Einstein Graphic Services recognizes the importance for our customers to succeed in their business.

We are dedicated to our role as a critical link between quality manufacturers and our customers.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide exceptional products whose performance matches anticipated needs.

We understand it is our responsibility to provide thorough and integrated training.

We know it is our responsibility to provide unmitigated support and service in a prompt manner.

We appreciate that it is our responsibility to help our customers realize their ultimate success.

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