Colex SX Series, SXC Series

Mutoh Eco-Ultra ValueJet 1628X

Wide format finishing just got a whole lot easier.

The Colex Sharpcut SX Series and SXC Series digital flatbed cutting system is a powerful and versatile cutting device. This one machine bridges the gap between the need for both a routing table and a flatbed knife cutter.

For digital production of—
Graphics: 2-dimensional signs, decals, banners, outdoor exhibits, and intricate lettering can all be cut, trimmed, or routed within minutes.
Display & POPs—3-dimensional product displays by contour cutting, trimming, routing and creasing for both rigid and flexible media.
Packaging—Samples for corrugated, folding carton, and other packaging needs are produced easily with automatic cutting and creasing on materials such as paperboard, chipboard, corrugated, and much more. Optional packaging design software is available.
Textile/fabric—Cut textiles, fabrics and other fibrous materials with the motorized fabric cutter and laser option.

The Sharpcut SX and SXC is sturdy and robust enough to route thick rigid boards, while still being lightweight and nimble, capable of switching over to knife/kiss-cutting quickly and easily. The unique design of the triple interchangeable tool head allows tool modules to be switched in and out of the cutting head in seconds. Sharpcut tools include a fixed double-edge knife, creasing wheel, kiss-cutting knife, coroplast/corrugated knife, universal single-edge knife, v-cut knife, universal drawing tool, perforating wheel, oscillating tool, 3 HP router, C02 laser, rotary knife, and a heavy duty rotary knife.

Colex Sharpcut SX and SXC Series features a cutting table designed for cutting sheet and rigid materials while delivering clean, smooth edge quality; a high precision helical rack and pinion drive that is not only very quiet but also holds a positioning accuracy of +-0.004 for every 30” of linear travel; overcut compensation that optimizes the cutting quality of the edges giving you no overcuts and a perfect result; a vision registration system & camera that can read any diameter registration mark, crop mark or square; and quick and easy 3D routing software compatible with third party CAM software packages including V-Carve, Enroute, Aspire, Cut3D, BobCAM, etc.

With an amazing and unique 6-zone vacuum hold down system, the Sharpcut has one vacuum blower per vacuum zone (on a 5’x10’ model this is a 30”x40” area). Save electricity when you turn off vacuum zones that you are not utilizing, without losing vacuum strength, yet no need to turn off zones to concentrate holding power. Unused vacuum zones have no effect on the holding power of the vacuum zones you are utilizing. You do not need to cover the entire vacuum bed to concentrate the vacuum area. If there is a need to concentrate the vacuum on a small piece of media, simply close off the vacuum zone area you are utilizing.

Sharpcut flatbed available sizes:
SX1717 (5.5’x5.5′) SX1732 (5.5’x10.5′)
SX3216 (10’X5′) SX3232 (10’X10′)

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