Exclusive Products and Custom Solutions

Because some of our customers have a need for their equipment to do more, Einstein Graphic Service’s in-house engineering staff offers Custom Solutions to meet your specific needs. In an effort to meet the unique needs of our customers, Einstein Graphic Services also sells and supports a line of Exclusive Products that are available to our clients only. These items typically allow our users to expand the productivity and usefulness of their equipment, providing them with an edge over their competition. We may require a signed non-disclosure agreement, and in return, Einstein Graphic Services will hold the name of its Exclusive Client confidential to help them maintain the advantage over their competitors.

Customer needs have ranged from small, such as a status light indicator, to large changes involving completely new additions or modifications to a machine. These requests lead to our Exclusive Line of Add-On Products. Exclusive Products that are developed at our expense will be the property of Einstein Graphic Services. We retain the right to sell this product to other clients in the future as an Einstein Graphic Services Exclusive Product. Should a client desire to retain exclusive ownership of their Custom Solution, the client will be billed time and materials for development and production work.

Einstein Graphic Services enjoys a challenge and clients that have innovative ideas. Our in-house engineering staff would be happy to discuss your options and a solution to your process request.



Exclusive Products

Art Pencil Holder
3mm Blade & Blade Holder
5mm Blade & Blade Holder
Hush Kit
Status Light
High Speed Vacuum Control
120 Volt & 230 Volt Dryer

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