Graphtec CE7000 Series

Mutoh Eco-Ultra ValueJet 1628X

The NEW CE7000 Series is a low cost, high performance, solid investment cutter.

With its wide variety of cutting applications, the CE7000 Series remains a leader in cost and performance, incorporating a Datalink Barcode System, a secondary USB port, and a carrier sheet table allowing cardstock and ridged materials to be contour cut for POP applications.

The CE7000 Series works with both PC and MAC platforms or handy new secondary USB thumb drive port so jobs can be uploaded and cut with NO computer. Select barcode function or select file directly from the thumb drive. An Ethernet cable connection is also provided. The newest feature of ARMS 8.0, Advanced Registration Mark Sensing System, is the addition of the Datalink Barcode System. Barcodes may now be generated and printed as part of the design which creates a hands-free operation. Designs are then read by the CE7000 which automatically loads cutting information and processes print and cut jobs. Barcodes may now be generated and printed as part of the design, creating a hand’s free operation. The reading of registration marks is faster, increasing productivity. Save time and reduce the chance of production errors by using barcodes to automatically process multiple jobs at the touch of a button.

Enjoy fast and accurate print and cut applications with XY segment area compensation for maximum productivity. The through-cutting channel allows easy perforated-cut or through-cut operations. Separate tool positions for contour and die cutting ensures the longevity of your blades and cut strip when creating decals and graphics that are effortlessly popped out of sheet or roll media.

Further benefits: increased production speed, great tracking with push rollers that provide three levels of pressure, stock media roller with stoppers that keeps the roll of media straight, eight recallable cutting conditions for your most commonly used materials, tangential emulation mode for clean and accurate corners when cutting thicker material and for cutting intricate designs on thinner medias, accurate reading of registration marks and contour cuts designs that are output from any printer, and built-in tool storage for convenience.

The CE7000 Series serves as a broad-based cutter for a wide range of materials from thinner media such as adhesive-backed high performance vinyl and delicate window tint films to thicker materials such as heat transfer and rhinestone template medias. Great for production of stickers, decals, window signage, heat transfer apparel, window tint film, paint protection film, and pop out decals that can be removed with the backing still attached for easy distribution.

Standard accessories: power cord, USB cable, cutting blade holder, cutting blade, loupe, fiber-tip pen holder, water-based fiber-tip pen, stand, roll media tray, stand, flange set, DVD-ROM, printed documents. Cutting widths: 24” & 50.”




Max cutting area (WxL)

24” x 164’

50” x 164’

Max cutting speed

36”/sec at 45° direction

39”/sec at 45° direction

External dimensions

39.6” x 23” x 43”

67” x 32” x 48”

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