Hydrographic Printers

HydroPrint 4102

Digital Hydrographic printer 64″

Digital Printers

Mutoh ValueJet 2638X

Blazingly fast commercial-grade high capacity just for you.


Mutoh 1938TX

Grab your share of success in the textile printing market.


Graphtec FC9000

Graphtec’s most advanced, versatile roll fed cutting plotter to date.

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Hydrographic Printers

No longer a theory—digital hydrographic printing is here! You can now print digitally to a proprietary PVA film using Einstein Graphic Service’s digital hydrographic printer and ink.

Digital Printers

Enjoy the profits that a digital printer will bring to your business. View the digital printers that Einstein Graphic Services recommends and that have proven to be successful.


Welcome to the amazing world of digital textile printing. Einstein Graphic Services is proud to endorse the following manufacturer’s textile products.


Grow your business with a versatile cutter / plotter. Get repeated perfection with one of these EGS suggested durable industry mules.


Let a laminator be your professional finishing solution. Enhance your creations with these EGS approved, top-notch roll laminators.


The right software gives you a competitive edge. See our EGS Software Category for superior software manufacturers that we highly recommend for their reliable performance.


Quality media is your key to success. No amount of good equipment is going to compensate for substandard media. EGS supports these premier manufacturers.


Service isn’t important until you need it. We are factory authorized to service everything we sell and are committed to making all of your products work together. Visit our Services Category for ways we can help you.


It is hard to lead your competition from the middle of the pack. Sometimes to get the edge you need a discreet, exclusive solution. Einstein Graphic Services can help you with that.
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